Be My Valentine

Introducing our Valentine’s Day 2019 Collection. Full of lush blooms in bright pinks and soft lavenders, these bundles are perfect as a gift for your bestie or as a surprise for the love of your life!


Tickled Pink Bundle

This bundle has a show stopping palette that will leave your loved one speechless. The bold mix of light blush, bubble gum pinks, and bright fuchsia’s makes for a lovely Valentine's Day gift. Just image this gorgeous piece on your coffee table or as a centerpiece for your next party! 


Lavender Bundle

This incredibly popular bundle is back but with some beautiful upgrades. Starring a gorgeous blush wild garden rose and flirty lilac anemones along with lush classic peonies, this bundle will definitely make your recipient smile! The cooler tone is beautiful for the classic home, and perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift. 


Peony Bundle

With a warm color palette of cream, blush, and salmon, this peony bundle will brighten anyone's day. The fluffy and soft peonies are so enchanting that we had to bring this gorgeous bundle back from last year's Valentines Day line! Perfect for a GALentin’es gift or for your home; this palette can stay out all year long!