Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives. Remember this special day by using everlasting blooms that will mimic the love that you have for each other. A forever bright and perfect love. 

Now adding paper flowers to your wedding day is even easier with the new Wedding Bouquet Collections. Each collection has been thoughtfully created with a beautiful color palette and handcrafted paper flowers that are already made and ready to be arranged by either you or your florist. Not only will you have an incredibly unique bouquet, but you will also get to keep most of your flowers forever. 

Wedding Bouquet Collections LAUNCH 10/2/16 AT NOON MST

Lush & Full: This collection is a literal bombshell that's full of large peonies, lush dahlias, and delicate garden roses. The color palette of warm cream, blush, burgundy, and deep maroon is perfect for a wedding anytime of the year.

English Garden Romance: This bouquet is a perfect example of elegance and romance. It's a snap shot of what a garden in bloom would look like in spring; with cabbage roses, Juliet garden roses, and beautiful peonies. The classic color palette of blush, white, and pink can come in a cool tone or warm tone to be perfect for your special day. 

Spring Fever:  The name of this collection says it all with it's flirty Icelandic poppies, bright peonies, and perfect ranunculus; its perfect for your spring and early summer wedding. The fun color palette consists of coral, peach, bright pink, and lovely yellows. 

The White Out Kit: This collection is perfect for the classic bride. She is truly lovely with a balance of cabbage roses, peonies, Juliet Garden Roses, and perfect anemones.  The best part of this collection is that can be used at any time of the year and is timeless. The color palette of crisp white, dreamy creams, and hints of blush. 

Our goal is to this part of your wedding day simple but unique. This is why our wedding collections have pre-set color schemes. However, customization is always possible and can be done through the shop and during check out. Follow the link to purchase your kit today!

Please feel free to contact us through our Contact Tab if you have any questions. 

We look forward to being apart of your special day. Thank you so much, lovelies!